Friday, October 16, 2009

So long...

Well, this is the swan song for my blog. I have prayed for a lot of things - things that I never imagined would actually come into fruition. But, they have.

I know I haven't been giving this blog the attention that it deserves and I don't expect that to change soon.

My business has taken off and is on the crux of going global (well, global-er...I already have one international distributor).

I'm staying home with my baby, but being a very active mom. We have playdates and I'm meeting other mommies in the area. Also, she's having some sleep issues and I've completely devoted my evenings to that (which is when I usually blog).

And I'm running the shit out of this household - if I must say so myself.

I have surprised myself with my capacity to multitask and excel in so many areas of my life at one time. I am honored that I can get everything done in one day - and that includes having dinner ready for hubby when he comes home.

So, I will use the 6 or 7 extra minutes I have in the day to read all of your lovely blogs instead of maintaining my own.

Thanks for your attention and support these last couple of years.

Peace out!


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