Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"What feels like the end of something good may actually be the start of something better."

That quote is from this morning's meditation. I think it is such a testimony to my life. Just as I get settled in some place, it's time to move to the next. I am so quick to mourn the separation from friends and my social life - even though, I know that a move is a perfect way to meet new friends and take on new activities.

Speaking of new activities, I finally made it to a yoga class last night. I think the Eastside has the most yoga studios per capita. It seems there's one on every block (right across from Starbuck's and next door to Tully's, cuz those are on every block, too). And its so much more reasonably priced than in Tejas. My Austin studio was costing my $100 every 8 classes. Here I can get an unlimited monthly class for the same price! I envision going back to my 4 days of yoga as I did this summer. So, look out winter fat!

Last night's class was Power Vinyasa in a heated room. My hubby was sweet (and curious) enough to come with and he did a great job. It was a bit much for him, but he hung in there and did what he could. The instructor was great, gently encouraging him to rest in child's pose as often as necessary without making him feel like a big baby (which is an issue with some instructors). I liked the class and since I was able to get a one week unlimited pass for $20 (CHEAP!), I plan to be there very often in the next few days and try out some of the other instructors.

In other news, I had yet another dream about moving last night. What does that mean? This time, we moved to New Orleans and my cousin was with us. So weird! According to my google search, dreams about moving indicate a conscious or subconscious desire for change in your life. I'll be thinking about that all day!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Figaro likes Kanye West's college style

My pup is so fashionable...

(Figaro looking very collegiate in one of my old Old Navy fleece jackets)


So, we've got our first snow day (since I've been here). Not much snow, but enough to make those uphill climbs impossible and the downhill, curvy streets very dangerous.

So, Figaro and I are spending the day lounging in front of the windows, watching the snow fall on the lake and sipping on hot tea. Splendid. If I was a novelist, I guess this would be how I'd spend all my days...right?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So random...

So, I had a very vivid dream last night. Hubby, Figs and I moved from Texas to Philly because I got selected as some sort of young, sexy people goodwill delegation that was going to Iran to show the Middle East that Americans were progressive and hip and not nearly the oppressors we have been made out to be overseas. There was a media campaign complete with commercials showcasing the different delegations of young sexy people from different areas of the country. Guess who was in the Midwest contingent? My dear Aryan friend, Josey. Anyhoo, I called her up all giggles and squeals b/c we were about to go to Iran and imagine the fun we were going to have (nevermind the hijabs). So, hubby and I were getting settled in to our new brownstone and decided to camp in the backyard in a tent we rented from REI (do they have REIs in Philly?). Some people came by and parked in the alley behind our backyard, but their music was too loud and hubby went to tell our neighbor Shaq (yes, as in O'Neal) to tell his peeps to keep it down. Then, I called my mom to let her know she should change her flight (which was the next day) from Texas to Philly, cuz we didn't live in Texas anymore. But, she and I were both happy because at least she wouldn't have to deal with the turbulence flying into Sea-Tac (which is in Washington, I know, but it was a dream - OKAY?)

So, random.

Rest in peace Heath Ledger.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wait...but we have cable!

My husband is so disconnected from popular culture and current events. It's like we don't have cable or internet or something. Somehow, if its not associated with The Wire or Muscle & Fitness magazine, he has no idea! Even though he spends about an hour surfing the net every evening. For instance, I was telling him how surprised I was that there are som many Harajuku girls at my college since I thought that was a bit played out here in the US (it certainly is in the South), and he was like, "A Hara-what?" He had no idea! I sang Gwen Stefani songs, I described an outfit or two, he was like, "I don't know what you're talking about. I musta missed that one". Yeah, I'd say. Then, this evening, I was watching Nancy Grace's stand in tell me about some atm footage of the Marine that allegedly murdered his pregnant rape victim. Certainly, this case has been in the news since last week. Yet, still, he was like, "Wait, now what happened?"

Oy vey!

What does he contribute to the discussions at the water cooler? Sheesh! I can't imagine being so far removed from the society I'm living in. I mean, I'd cut him some slack if he was from, say, West Lafayette, Indiana. But, he spent the last year and a half in Austin and the 3 years before that in New York City of all places! How can you live in New York City, work in the Manhattan fashion district, and not know what Harajuku style is. I know for sure he's been in some Hello Kitty stores lately (no thanks to me) and they are filled with Harajuku stuff.

Whatever. Just needed to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Posse's On Broadway

Saturday, I found my self running errands in downtown Seattle. I had the directions and went straight to it with no problems. Getting back was a different story. Seattle is impossible to navigate if you don’t know where you’re going. I’m still not used to this intersecting number streets thing. Everywhere else I’ve lived there’s a hard fast rule that numbered streets run from East to West and named streets run from North to South. So, you can understand that I don’t know what to do when I’m at the corner of 15th Street NE and NE 3rd Street. All the main thoroughfares run diagonally so just when I think I’m on the right track passing 4th, 5th, then 6th Streets, all of the sudden, there’s a change to 120th, 121st then 122nd! Well, I was on a numbered street, but going northward and that threw me off!

Man, I got so turned around! Anyhoo, I’m trying to get back and I’m all turned around. I even accidentally entered I-5 somehow at one point. Which only made things worse, because I don’t know I-5 and if it wasn’t for my compass, I wouldn’t know if I was going up, down or sideways through Seattle. I finally caught a long stoplight at 23rd and Jackson. Just when I was about to call Goog411 (great service! I HIGHLY recommend it) and ask them to get me out of the mess I had made, a DJ saved my life.

Somewhere from the depths of my brain came the lyrics from Sir Mix-a-lot’s “My Posse’s on Broadway” (which, in case you didn’t know, is about Seattle). I remembered that Mix picked up his posse on 23rd and Jackson and headed towards MLK. Okay, I know where MLK is (because that's where hubby gets his hair cut). Ah-ha! Now I have a frame of reference! I also remembered that Mix’s posse turned left on 23rd and Union and headed towards Broadway. Okay, well I just passed Union 2 blocks ago and I ate breakfast on Union and Broadway. So, thanks to Mix, I hooked a right on Jackson and headed to MLK. Finally, un-lost and headed home.

My point is, thank God for all the times the DJs of my life have played that song and encouraged crowd participation, because it certainly saved me about $20 in gas and any further frustration. Thank you Sir Mix-a-lot!

Here's the link to the lyrics if you need a refresher. Thank God I didn't!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Big List for 2008

Y'all know I don't do resolutions. D and I normally do mottos for the year, but I can't think of one, because - finally - I'm exactly where I want to be. Hallelujah!
But, there are some things I want to do, seeing that I'm living in a new place and all. They are as follows:

1. Take Figaro to the Marymoor Dog Park
2. Go on a REAL vacation with DH (we've been too busy!)
3. Get preggers! (the Hot Girls want to be Aunties)
4. Put aside at least 2 days for in-studio yoga (my task for the next few months is to find a studio I like).
5. Get back on the tango scene.
6. Find a new hobby to share with DH
7. Go to a museum.
8. Get a 1-hr massage (sure, its a luxury. But now its an official priority!)
9. Send for my lil.
10. Host a dinner party (as soon as I make some friends)
11. Update my wardrobe (this DOES NOT include high water pants)
12. Drop Cingular and go crawling back to my ex, T-Mobile.
13. Do a one-arm pushup.

Feel free to post your Big List as well.

Getting to Know WA, Pt 2

These people are bad drivers (and that's saying alot, considering I just came from Texas). Failure to signal, failure to properly negotiate right turns, riding brakes, driving dangerously below the speed limit, failure to merge. Horrible! Let's add this to the list of bad habits I don't want to acquire - right under high water pants.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's with the "high waters"?

Why do people in this area wear their pants so short? I can see the ankle opening of everyone's tennis/hiking/cross-training shoe. I know it rains alot and maybe there's some concern about wet hems - but I would NEVER sacrifice good fashion practice for dry pants legs. Geesh! Just wear capris or flood pants if its that important to you!

I stopped by campus to check out my new digs before I start my new career on Monday. Got outfitted with an office, parking permit (free! can you believe it Purdue and TMC friends?) and a secretary (woo-hoo!). Met some more of my co-workers (who all seem very sweet). There are some other Okies on the floor - go figure.

So, I guess this is it. A new place, a new job, a new life. No chance of running into ex-boyfriends or college/high-school classmates. No quick jaunts to old haunts to recapture my 20s, if only for an hour or three. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and finding new hangout places to call home. But, the Hot Girls and Tiki Bob's or Breakfast Club are a hard act to follow. Anyway, with all this bad fashion going on in East Seattle, I don't know if I'm so quick to fall into any gangs around here. We'll see. Surely there's some hot girls (lower case 'h', lower case 'g' - yes, there is a difference) looking to cause a little trouble somewhere around here.

The movers will be dropping our things off tomorrow. Now, if only my car would ever arrive.


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