Friday, April 11, 2008

The Problem With Integrating a Neighborhood

is that noone ever invites you to dinner.

We were so excited to find a neighborhood full of young, hip, professional 30-40 somethings. We envisioned developing casual relationships with our neighbors (our building is completely young married couples) and joining our dog-owning neighbors for dog walks to the park or around the lake.

Especially since I'm such a friendly person, and Figaro is a walking invitation to conversation - I imagined that as we walked around the 'hood and learned all the best spots for pee and poo that we would naturally run into other folks hanging about and at least be on speaking terms with people.

What has happened is that it took 2 months for people to stop wondering if we were trespassing and I only know the name of two of my neighbors. At this point, people do say hello and often stop and pet Figaro. I am determined to make the most out of this living situation because I love where we live so much.

Folks better look out for me this summer, cuz I'm going to start crashing patio barbecues with 6 packs of Sam Adams (or whatever they drink here - guess I need to figure that out). I am bound and determined to not be friendless in Seattle.

For those of you who have no idea of what this feels like, please imagine that you're the only whatever you are (man/woman/person of your ethnicity) that you see from 5pm to 8am. I have to restrain myself from hugging black people when I see them in Safeway (which is rare anyway).


jen said...

I can't imagine. Good luck! It's hard for me to imagine you living somewhere and not being surrounded by a cool bunch of friends. I've never seen you in the environment before. Go figure. How's the church search going?

Karla said...

I think we've found a place we're comfortable. None of the churches here start or end on time. Grrrr! You know how I feel about THAT! And yes, I feel like such a lame.

DaVida Chanel said...

You are a ROCKSTAR Karla, they'll recognize ... just like the Indiana natives did!!! Your crew is coming!!!!


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