Saturday, May 9, 2009

Speaking of Former Hot Girls...

The last time I was in NYC, I spent the entire weekend eating Chinese food in dank basement restaurants, manuevering the back alleys of Chinatown for the best knock-off designer bags, going for falafels at 4 in the morning and sipping martinis in swank bars.

I'll be heading back in June, but this time, I must make sure that any restaurant I eat at is stroller-friendly, I'll be sending my mother through the alleys while I bargain via text message, and the only 4 am feedings will be in a hotel chair, by lamplight with one or both breasts exposed. Yes, Little Miss and I are taking her first vacation to the Big Apple to meet my mom there. Mom & I are going to see the Broadwar revival of The Wiz, while Little Miss gets to know her aunt, uncle and cousins.

A new friend of mine asked me if all my Yelp! posts from here on out will be about the family-friendliness of restaurants instead of how quickly my drinks arrived from the bar and how late the restaurant stayed open (and served quality food). I think she may be on to something. Now, I'm more concerned about whether or not restaurants have those cool carseat slings and family restrooms than what the food might actually taste like!

Its a brand-new life for me. A completely alien one. But, I love it! I have to rethink the way we vacation (I guess nude beaches and adult-only resorts are out for now), the way we shop (if I'm going by myself, I have to time it between feedings), the company we keep (cuz there are only a select few I will let touch Little Miss) and our activity schedule (don't want to over-stimulate her). Now, the search for a travel nanny begins.


Josey said...

I'd like to officially submit my application for travel nanny extrordonaire! Lord knows you know how to travel and have fun, so sign me up for taking care of Little Miss while you and Ant have a romantic dinner together. It'll give Zach and I the opportunity to practice parenting skills for the future. LOL! :)

Karla said...

Alright, Josey. I'll remember that!

DaVida Chanel said...

Ohhh Karla!! I'm supa excited about your new adventures with the little Miss!!!! And you all enjoy NYC - The Wiz you say? How exciting!?!?!


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