Friday, September 25, 2009

Jersey City, Week 2

Jersey City has a feral cat problem. Cats are everywhere. The alleyways all smell like cat piss - which makes for an unpleasant walking environment. And if its a muggy evening and you have your alley-facing windows open, guess what your house smells like? Did I mention how much I hate cats?

Ladybug and I met up with a group of other stay-at-home and work-at-home moms. Consider it attempt #1 at making new friends. We had a good time and enjoyed the company. I am now officially a member of this group. Let's call them the Stepford Wives. Noone was pretentious or flighty. Everyone has a college degree and most of us are just taking brief vacations from the working world to cater to our bambinos, or working from home offices.

I'm still trying to get adjusted to things, but I finally had a normal day. Got up (a little later than normal because ladybug slept in), spent some time with ladybug, worked for a couple of hours, then capped it off with a nice long nap-inducing walk.

I spend most of my days grumbling about how noisy it is on the block. Why, oh why must they cram so many houses on one block on the East Coast. I miss my southern sprawl.

I stepped on the scale yesterday to weigh the baby (I weigh myself, then weigh myself holding the baby and do the math). Was very pleasantly surprised to find myself back down to my ideal weight!!! Yay! I guess the magic formula for post-natal weight loss is:

--------- = weight loss

(where b=breastfeeding, dw= daily walks and x=living w/o a fridge b/c the store botched the delivery date)

Jeez, I must miss the classroom because I just derived a formula...for fun.

Superhubby is off to Vegas for work all next week so I'll be single-momming it. Because moving across the country and still unpacking boxes and living in a new place is not stressful enough.

Well, I'm off to Google Reader to mark all as read and start fresh tomorrow catch up on some blogs I follow.



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