Thursday, October 25, 2007

One year down - eternity to go

Super-hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sunday in the only place I hate more than Jackson, MS. - Lafayette, IN. Unfortunately, my BFF D planned his wedding on that weekend, so there's was no choice but to go. But, I think God felt sorry for us having to spend our anniversary weekend there so he blessed Lafayette with gorgeous weather (in the 80s and sunny!) and all the friends I have left were in town and available for drinking/playtime/hanging out/watching football. So, a good time was had by all.

Ironically, we celebrated our anniversary by going to see "Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?". LOL! It was a great movie, though and we had a fun, low key, sweats and jeans date night.

Last night, we dug into our thawed cake top. And boy was it delicious. It took me nearly 30 minutes to wrap that thing, so I was going to be extremely pissed if it tasted frost-bitten. But, it was in perfect condition! We gorged ourselves, because it will probably be rotten by the time I get home today. Even Figaro got to eat a piece! It was the least we could do since he couldn't make the wedding...

Anyhoo - Happy Anniversary, babe!

1 Comment:

DaVida said...

MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a fast year! I'm glad to know the frozen cake was good! I've always wondered about that. You've got plenty more years to come! CONGRATS


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