Monday, February 4, 2008

The Day of Yoga Victories!

Today hubby and I fulfilled the last of our one week unlimited yoga pass. Unfortunately for him, it was the most difficult teacher, but he made it through. Anthony had two yoga victories today: 1) he went to yoga three times this week and 2) he achieved adho mukha vrksasana (headstand) against the wall. Yay!

For me, I managed to float lightly into crow, then roll gracefully over to tripod, then lift (with much clenching of the abdominals) into salamba sirsana (headstand). This is amazing because I tried this at Yoga Yoga last year (because Jessica made me) against the wall and it was an incredible struggle. A painful struggle at that!

So, that's that. Yay, for yoga!


DaVida said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOO ANT!!!!!!!!! I know how hard it is to start something new. Did I tell you I'm in an Iyangar workshop? Saturday is the last day (it was 4 weeks!). Your blog is forcing me to go ahead and stick with it after the workshop. I'm also taking a Kundalini class soon. Alas, I remember our yogism began in a little community class in West Lafayette ... oh the good ole' days!

K-Boogie said...

Iyengar is great! I love the science of alignment! (that sounds so weird). I'm afraid of kundalini, tho. I am impressed with you for getting into that. It's too hard core for me. We did breath of fire throught our practice last night and I was feeling quite high by the end of class. LOL! Yes, our triangle-playing yoga teacher at Morton got us started. Ah, the memories. Foam mats? What the hell?! LOL!


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