Friday, February 22, 2008

Shadows of my former self

My dear friend, Lorna, came up from SF last weekend to save me from surburban boredom. We had a great time. Heard some great bands at Chop Suey and then had an awkard experience at this really LOCAL bar/cafe/coffeehouse with a just okay band. However, the highlight of my trip was our sushi dinner. I wasn't in the mood for sushi (am I ever?), but I'm always in the mood for Japanese beer, so I had a Kirin and decided to dapple in the dessert menu. The point is, I had a Fuji Apple Cheesecake that was to die for! De-lec-ta-ble! So, if you're ever in Seattle, near Green Lake, please stop by Kisaku and try the dessert!

I had a great time bobbing and dancing to the brit punk rock vocal stylings of the Foals, the funky, garage band sound of The Heavenly States, and the eerie, but delicious all instrumental home-grown rock band Sleepy Eyes of Death. SEoD used a heavy smoke machine for their entire performance, so I couldn't really see them, but it just added to the wonderful creepiness of their music. I loved it!

By the way, the Seattleites and their obsession with bringing their dogs everywhere is bizarre. I've seen Great Danes in The Home Depot and Standard Poodles (ack!) in middle school gyms, but Saturday night, a guy had his cute little beagle in Chop Suey during the concert. WTF? That's just weird.

So, thanks, Lorna for coming and putting some social back in my life. It wasn't SXSW, but it was a good deal (FREE!) for a 2-day stint and I had a blast. I can't remember the last time I was out sans hubby with a strong drink in my hand and some good, live, loud music. Probably not since the Cas Haley concert last summer. :( Oy vey, my life....



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