Wednesday, February 13, 2008

H&M...Why are you torturing me?

We heard a rumor that H&M was coming to Seattle. Why there wasn't one here before boggles me. Then we heard a rumor H&M was coming to U Village (near U of Wash) in February. So, I put aside $100 to blow on a fierce jacket and some kind of must-have jeans, which should leave just enough change for a bangle bracelet, some arm warmers and two shirts.

So, my spies have been prowling U Vill with not an H&M in site.

But, I rolled upon a press release from H&M released in mid January that said Seattle H&M will not be open until August or September (BOOOOO!) But, there will be 3 locations instead of the 1 in U Village (YAAAAAAAY!)

So, I forgive you H&M for getting my hopes up for February because you're also putting in a North Seattle location. Hurry and get here! And please be just in time for a birthday outfit! Now my Swedish home furnishings (Ikea) can match my Swedish outfits (H&M)!



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