Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*Taste Like Home* Food Swap

I believe I blogged before that I was participating in the Taste Like Home food swap over I found out about at Megans Cookin. I got my first box of goodies last week the morning I left for Phoenix. Yay!

My partner in food was Ley from Cilantro and lime (Chattanooga, TN). Ley sent me the following:

goodie bag

1. A bag of seasoned, deep fried peanuts (which I fully intend to smuggle into the Mariner’s game next week)
2. Moon pies!!!! In vanilla, lemon and chocolate. I love moon pies! This is one of the main reasons I trekked to Mardi Gras every year (they throw out moon pies at Endymion).
3. Homemade suckers. These things are wonderfully sticky even in their package, so I can’t wait to dig in!
4. Homemade peach jam. I’m going to spoon this over crepes and whipped cream for my Saturday brunch. I cannot wait!

(Sorry about the poor photo quality. I had to use my camera phone, as my digicam was all packed away.)

Many thanks to Ley who took the time to put together this lovely box for me. I can’t wait to dig in.

My other partner was Kate from thecleanplateclub. To see Kate’s blog on what I sent her, go to thecleanplateclub


ley said...

Aw, man, it looks like the moon pies got smooshed! Sorry about that. lol. I hope you like everything (or, liked, seeing as how I'm crazy-late in commenting here)! I haven't gotten up my post yet about your scrumtrillescent treats...I'm so behind! I'll get it up by this weekend, though! :D

Karla said...

Everything was delicious! I had the preserves with crepes and whipped cream and they were yummy! Actually, the moon pies were in great shape. I think its just a trick of the lighting in this picture.


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