Monday, June 9, 2008

Have passport, will travel

The study abroad woman was at the Geography Club table in the cafeteria. They are having a fundraiser to take a trip to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize in August. She is there to answer questions about the trip.

Anyhoo, she and I were talking about how much we loved Belize and she said "If you feel at home in Belize, you will feel like you're in heaven in Guatemala." I don't know what that means, so I just said, "Wow! Really?!"

Then she gave me the once-over and said, "I bet you are a great traveler. You must travel all over." I told her if by "all over" she meant all over the Southwest route map, then she was exactly right. We laughed long and hard at that (I made a funny!), then she said, "No, I mean, you are exactly the right height, build and complexion to blend in everywhere. I would love to travel with you. People probably treat you like a native. I bet you get the best price on all your souvenirs."

Wow! Something about that made me feel really good. Like I belong to the whole world. And with all this fighting and bombing and other miscellaneous mayhem, it made me feel really happy to know that maybe the world considers me a person who is not trying to tear it into a thousand little pieces.


DaVida Chanel said...

That is an awesome compliment! AND so timely considering you're reading EAT LOVE AND PRAY!!!

Karla said...

YES! And today I read the part in the book that was so similar. I went and asked the study abroad lady if she had read the book and she said she had. That she immediately thought of that passage when she saw me. Life is strange and so exciting!


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