Friday, June 20, 2008

Pas de duex

I was standing in line at the drug store and happened to catch a tabloid headline that said

Angelina confesses: I'm still love Billy Bob!

I don't get it! What's the big deal? Is it so bizarre to still be in love with your ex? I mean, they did swap vials of blood! Why are people so convinced that you can't be in love with more than one person at a time? Are our hearts so small? Even if the relationship doesn’t work, you don’t automatically lose all feelings for a person.

My parents, for instance, they divorce ages ago. But, it wasn’t a bitter, evil battle. It was a mutual decision by to grown people who have decided that their lives are heading in opposing directions. They still love each other. My dad and stepmom celebrated their 10 year anniversary this week. I know he loves his wife completely, yet still manages to love my mom. This love does not diminish, or interfere with the love he has for his current wife.

With all the nastiness going on in the world, I hope that people are as open to love (current and past) as possible. I have loved four men with whom I’ve been in a relationship with (and I don’t count E. because I only told him I did to get in his draws *evil grin*). Except for Stew the Slut, I didn’t stop loving any of them just because the relationship faded to black. The loss of love was gradual because I lost contact with them, but I’m certain there were periods of overlap where I still had love for the ex and was nurturing a new love with the current.

Or maybe its just my sentimental self...


DaVida Chanel said...

WOW! This is another winner! I love it and it is true! Love is all around us and never dies!

Karla said...

Well, that makes two of us!

Peaches said...

"Are our hearts so small?"
Great post, and a great way to look at love!

Reiko! said...

Hey Lady! I didn't know you were a blogger! Everybody is these days and I love it! It gives me something to do.

I read this blog on being in love with your ex and it made me think of a Jill Scott. I can't remember if it was part of a song or a line of a song or an interlude but she says, "Just because you have a nightmare, that doesn't mean you stop dreaming."

It's reference to being in love with an ex and/or giving up on love.

If it's true love, you don't stop loving just aren't with them to love them year round:)

Great blog Girl!!!!


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