Friday, September 5, 2008

I don't know any Alaskans :(

Okay, I've really been enjoying both the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions (clearly for different reasons). This is such an exciting election and I don't want to miss a thing! It has been particularly enriching for me to watch the RNC with an open mind - go figure. I have just been listening to the speeches and taking in as much as I can without my libero-conservative democratic filters on. It has been very gratifying to test my own ideologies against those of modern Republicans.

I make it a point to not force my political beliefs on others, other than to encourage everyone to vote - regardless of who they're voting for. But, I must mention that McCain's choice for VP is quite an offense to me (and women in general, I believe). Why he would choose Sarah Palin over Kay Bailey Hutchinson (now that's a woman I respect and admire) is lost to me. I could spend an hour discussing the many ways I am conflicted by Palin, but I will not subject you to that.

I almost missed my connecting flight back to Seattle to listen to her speech in the airport bar. I was really looking forward to learning more about Gov. Palin. I live in the closest state to her and had never heard of the lady. I was curious to hear about her remedy for the economy. And what is so clever about her ideologies that causes McCain to call her "a breath of fresh air"? What does it mean to be from Alaska (other than eating moose burgers)? Clearly she's pro-life, but what does she think about abstinence education? The mortgage crisis? Overseas outsourcing of jobs? The impending Boeing strike (after all isn't the Repulican party all about the "working man")?

Sadly, she didn't mention any of those things. She reduced herself to snipes and snarks and trying to live up to her high school (and how long ago was that? Grow up!) nickname of "Sarah Barracuda".

With McCain being as fuzzy as always on the issues, I was hoping to hear where the GOP stands on stuff. Unfortunately, I got the most information from all the people that are not applying for jobs in the Oval Office.

A very saavy person (or a person with too much time on their hands) at the Seattle P-I (the big paper here) counted the words in her speech on Wednesday night. Here's the breakdown:

I, me, my = 53
McCain = 16
Opponent = 9
Housing = 0
Environment = 0
Deficit = 0
White House = 2 (the only time she referred to house or housing)
Economy = 1
Jobs = 2
Iraq = 3 (once when referencing her son's deployment)

PS - Why does she consider Obama her opponent? Wouldn't Biden be her opponent? Does any VP candidate really have a personal opponent, since they're kind of just along for the ride? Enlighten me, someone, please!


Amy said...

I have a very hard time having an open mind with the republican party, so thank you for writing that and causing me pause. I spent yesterday in my home town and hearing the woman I grew up with who I consider my best friend spout about how much she loves Sarah Palin I just wanted to vomit. Now I have to try very hard to not forget to call my friend just because of this for a while.

Reiko! said...

Girl Amen and Amen. And I love that you mentioned that breakdown of her speech (via your local newspaper). That breakdown says it all!! On a completely shallow note...doesn't she look like a naughty librarian in a Pour Some Sugar On Me video? He he he...ok...back to being serious:)

Nilsa S. said...

Love love love your post. No matter which side of the party lines you fall, you raise some great points. Hope you'll check in to my blog on Monday when I raise the first of many big issues during this election.

Karla said...

Amy - You're welcome. Its a stretch for me, too. But I'm trying to be grown up about this election.

Reiko - Naughty librarian - you hit the nail on the head! LOL!

Nilsa - Thanks! Of course I'll stop by.


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