Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A moment to vent

About a month ago, my hubby was away for a week at a conference for his job. When he came back, he was completely ruined for sharing sleeping space. In the course of one week, he has somehow picked up the three worst habits of a bed-partner:


2. Cover-hogging

3. Bed-hogging

Something magical happened in his fancy 4-star hotel bed that mutated his ideal bedmate gene into one that causes him to sleep damn near spread eagle in the bed. Well, we have a king-sized bed, so if he's encroaching for any reason other than cuddling and canoodling, he's out of order. And wrapping himself in the covers during these 40-something degree nights is not cool. I won't even begin to mention his obnoxious snoring. All in the matter of one week!

Well, this mommy-to-be needs her sleep. Preferably, uninterrupted by flailing arms, snores and drafts. A bad night of rest equals back pain, extreme fatigue and loss-of-appetite and productivity for me the next day.

Last night, I reached my tipping point and declared that he observe all bed rules, or sleep in the guest room until he remembers how to share a bed. I gave him a Breathe Right strip and left it up to him. Well, he promised to try and threw a frickin tantrum before putting on the Breathe Right strip, but I'm happy to report that I had a wonderful night of uninterrupted sleep (thanks in part to the body pillow I wedged in between him and myself). Today, for the first time in weeks, I feel well-rested and might actually make it through my 13-hour work day without needing a nap. However, due to the fit he threw last night, I'm giving him the cold shoulder- despite his immediate apology.


Reiko! said...

aww...give him a break:( Poor thing can't control snoring (I should

I can't help home on the bed hogging though..He's on his own!

Just hug your body pillow and fall asleep before him! LMAO!

Karla said...

Well, we got the snoring and bed-hogging under control, but the cover snatching persists.

Kenge said...

Well rodney says I hog the covers. Its probably my attempt to cover my ears from all that snoring he does. Good luck trying to get him to act right on the long term. My hubby was the worse bed partner ever and I usually ended up in the guest room because I couldnt take it.


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