Monday, March 2, 2009


I was reminded after reading Nilsa's recent post at Somi that I didn't post what I (finally) decided to do about Lent. Lent has been a hard decision for the last 5 years or so. Going on Atkin's all but diminished the need to give up Dr. Pepper (my former favorite addiction) or sweet stuff. So, I had gotten creative - giving up procrastination one year (I'm happy to say that is a sacrifice that was so beneficial, I adopted it in my everyday life after Lent).

Well, this year, with the baby on board, it was even more difficult for me to decide. I'm not craving sweets - mostly pasta and fruit. I'm not drinking anything carbonated other than the occasional caffeine-free rootbeer. I'm still getting in my daily exercise and devoting more time in my day to prayer and meditiation. So, what's a girl to do?

Well I finally decided - at the very last moment - to commit to practicing my labor pain management exercises and kegels every day. It may seem minisule, but its something that I haven't been really making time for more than once or twice a week and I really need to do better about getting my practice in so that I can be well-prepared. I want this labor to go as smoothly as possible, and these exercises are about the only thing I can do to add to that aim.

What have you chosen as your Lenten sacrifice?


SoMi's Nilsa said...

As the non-Catholic in the room, what I love about Lent is the idea that anyone can do it. I love your idea and hope it serves you well over the next month!

kengeb said...

U know I have been trying to be "Turbo AKA" (angel's term) for a while now and I wrote a post about lent and never finished it. I am going to pull back. My baby is become a rea road warrior clocking miles on Houston freeways.
I gave up a 3 things this yr.
1. Red Meat(me and mom are doing this together) Its been not too bad. I made the best pesto chicken artichoke pizza tonight.
2. No cussing (this is killing me I admit to having a potty mouth and bad attitude at time)
3. Be selfish. Its not what it seems (I am going to stop being such a available person and stop saying yes to everything and everybody. I told you Ive been on the run lately. I need to stop and spend time with Georgia at home before the street lights come on.)

Ok thats alot I know I will probably copy it and post it on my blog. We're sleep and I was at work late testing. \

Kiss my baby....
Isn't it GREAT we have a little boy on the way (San not me)

Karla said...

Alright, Turbo better slow down!

I'm so glad San is having a boy! Finally!

I cannot wait to get all these babies together.


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