Friday, March 27, 2009

This working woman has got to work!

So, time is ticking down to the arrival of our little bundle of joy! At my last appointment with the midwife, she said that Baby K was in good position and even though my due date is still a few weeks off, just consider ourselves at "any day now" status. How exciting!

Well, now that I am clearly walking around with a stomach akin to a regulation size women's basketball under my shirt, I'm getting lots of questions from strangers about my worklife. People are amazed that I'm still able to get to work everyday (but not so amazed that I can manage to walk around a mall or up and down the streets). Then when I inform them that I am only going to be off for 6 weeks post-partum, they are completely flabbergasted? Six weeks?!

Apparently, around these parts (and maybe its a West Coast thing), women go on maternity leave 3-4 weeks before their due date. Why? What the hell am I going to do around the house all day other than watch Judge Judy and play don't-blink contests with Figaro? How boring! It would be nice to only be on a half-day schedule, because I start to get a little tired around 2:30, but nothing to run home about!

Also, women generally will take off 6 months to a year after the baby is born. I think that's nuts! Of the 13 moms in our childbirth classes, 1 was not returning to work at all (which is completely reasonable to me - though not my style), 1 is returning to work after a year, 8 are returning to work after 6 months, 1 after 3 months, 1 after 8 weeks and myself after 6 weeks. The rest of the class thought us two "short-timers" were completely nuts. How could we even imagine to manage that we would be able to return to work so quickly. Won't we miss the baby? Won't the baby still need us to be home with them?

After explaining (not that we needed to) that some of us need two paychecks to run a household, their scorn turned to pity that our poor husbands can't provide for us. Of course they didn't say as much, but you could see it on their faces.

I'm sick of these crazy people around here making me feel bad about my mothering before the baby even gets here! I don't think I'd take off more than 8 weeks even if I could! How boring (in my opinion) for me to be sitting around the house with no companionship other than a baby. I need the stimulation of adult conversation. I need work day lunch with my favorite coworkers. I actually love my job and will miss it while I'm on leave (though, I won't miss the actual working part of it). I am blessed in that Baby K's daycare is about 150 yards from my office, so I can go and see, cuddle, snuggle, spy on, breastfeed, kiss, and hug my little one whenever I please.

But sheesh! Give me a break! Sorry, just had to vent about that. Meanwhile, Purdue broke my heart (as expected) last night by losing. We always get sooooo close!


Josey said...

Oh Karla! I completely feel your pain. At least it was strangers instead of family giving you those funky looks. Zach and I have been talking about possibly expanding our family in the next year, and the first question from my mom and sisters "Are you going to actually let someone else raise your child?". Like daycare is such a horrible thing!?!?! I think it's because you and I have worked so hard for our careers that we get a kick out of going to work. We enjoy our collegues. We enjoy the challenges of work and find immense satisfaction in solving complex issues. As for going back in 6 weeks, you go! When and if we're ever blessed with a child, I'd also be a "short timer" because sitting at home eating bon-bons all day sounds super dull. LOL!

I also feel your pain regarding Purdue. I wonder if Coach Curry was a little bummed for them too? I just can't get behind this new chick. She's not Coach Curry. Now that was a woman who understood the whole working mom thing. Remember the game against ND when she stopped the ball with her foot right before it hit her belly? What an inspiration! :)

kenge said...

Do you Karla! I was on bed rest most of my pregancy and I never want to be trapped in the house again. I didn't go right back to work because of complications. It was a nightmare. I was bored, slightly depressed and working Rodney's nerves. If you are the kind of person who likes to work and interact with adults the house gets real old real quick. Your life does not stop for baby. YOu learn to adapt to having little on tag along. Georgia is turning into a mini AKA she attends more committee meetings and community service that a few people we know. The supermoms can work a nere just over look them and to borrow Rachel Jones-Tylers phrasing "Keep It Moving Partner"


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