Monday, March 17, 2008

10 Things I Hate About Fashion (at least right now)

Fashion is fickle, and I'm fickle about fashion. A year ago, ankle-length tights would have been #1 on this list, but, alas, I have succumed and am now wearing these things myself. Does that make me a fashion whore? I think so!

10. Uggs or any Ugg-like derivative (unless you're running errands, then its all about comfort and I completely understand)

9. The Gap's entire spring wardrobe. Is there anybody in the fashion industry in charge over there? Sheesh!
8. People over the age of 21 in any type of mass-produced bargain store logo tee. Our fashion should mature with our age.

7. Everyday use of big, dramatic false eyelashes. I love them at night, not so much for the 9-5 gig (unless your 9-5 happens to be at the MAC counter, then it might be necessary)

6. UnderArmor shirts worn anywhere or anytime not associated with physical fitness.

5. The Snullets (translation:sneaky mullet) - my made-up word for a mullet masquerading as an uber-trendy hairstyle(I sincerely hope this scourge is isolated to the Seattle area). I'm so over this whole "Emo" thing.

4. knee-highs and short skirts (Why, oh, why are people still doing this?!)

3. men/boys wearing skinny jeans. Yuck.

2. balloon courdoroy shorts over tights of any kind.

1. The side ponytail. Absolutely disgusting! (It's like January 2008 was somehow code for "let's relive the WORST of the 80s!)



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