Monday, March 10, 2008

Girl without sun turns red in face

Man, I've become so pale! Without the Texan sun to keep me at a nice bronzy-gold, my skin is reverting to winter Indiana colors. LOL! None of my makeup matches my skin (except my green eyeshadow, which goes GREAT with the greennish tint of the almost visible capillaries in my face). I had one drink the other day and my face was all flushed! What the hell?!

Anytime I touch my face, it lights up like Christmas. And I won't even mention what the parts of my skin that are covered in clothing look like.

After being ridiculed by my husband because my Rudolph nose was alive and well after coming in a chilly Saturday night, I promptly purchased 2 roundtrip tickets to Florida. This gurl needs some sun!


DaVida said...

When is Florida? I'm there in April!

K-Boogie said...

I'm e-mailing you about this immediately!


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