Monday, March 31, 2008

A Different Kind of Seattle

So, Hubby & I found ourselves walking through downtown Seattle late after the Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert. It was a totally different scene than the pretentious-I pay a lot of money to achieve this naturally cool look-I'm a product of 12 years of private education fare that we normally bump into in that area. With all the shops and designer department stores closed, doorways and street corners were flooded with strung-out looking youngish white boys & girls, obviously waiting on their next fix to roll through. Add in an occasional cluster of youngish black boys & girls, obviously hanging there because there's simply nowhere else to go. I felt like a big TARGET in my fancy after 7 dress, not to mention all this bling on my ring finger. I started to feel uncomfortable - we were obviously out of place and drawing some curious looks - then I remembered I had my big, strong, menacing husband with his arm protectively around my waist, leading me gently through the disenfranchised youth. I tried to keep a pleasant look on my face, but boy was I happy to get to the parking garage!



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