Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome Danae

Those who know me know that I have an ugly shoe fetish. Here's the newest addition to my ugly shoe collection, the Danae...can't wait to come up with an outfit to wear these with!


DaVida said...

We think a like! Those are sooooo cute - saw them in a sales ad this week and I've got to have 'em!!! I know you'll be rockin' 'em well ... LMAO! Maybe you can do them with the ankle length Seattle jeans!

K-Boogie said...

Anthony made me throw away one of my favorite pair of yoga pants last night b/c they have somehow caught a case of Seattlitis (extreme length shortening). Maybe its all this mountain spring water that we're washing the clothes in that makes the legs to shrink.

But I do have some black ankle-length tights I think I can slut up these shoes with. :)


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