Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Its Back: The President's Physical Fitness Challenge

If you were born before the 80s, you remember the President's Physical Fitness test. Although most kids dreaded this measure of fitness, I looked forward to this part of the year, because I usually ranked up there with the boys (except in pull-ups - I suck at pull-ups). Also, I was the State Sit-and-Reach champ for 2 years in a row.

Well, due to the fat epidemic currently over-running the US, the Baby Boomers had a great idea to bug the prez into re-releasing the test for adults (I won't even begin to preach about the need for this sort of thing back in elementary schools).

Click here to get started.

Aside: We're at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, with a close eye on Iran & N. Korea. Gitmo is a fugging mess. New Orleans is still being treated like an illegitimate child. The Midwest is being torn to bits by tornados. There's been a cyclone in Burma and an earthquake in China, both of which could use some recovery help from their international neighbors. Americans are having to choose between gas and groceries. Amid all of this, Bush has made Baby-boomer physical fitness a top priority.


Little K said...

Karla, why do you call it Burma instead of Myanmar? We are talking about this in study period.

Karla said...

Shouldn't you be reading or, say, studying something in study period?

Myanmar is the name given by the military junta who has overthrown the government. Because of the way the junta is treating people there (remember we were talking about the monks?), I refuse to acknowledge them as a legitimate government. It's my own personal revolution. That's why I'm sticking with Burma.


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