Thursday, May 15, 2008

Making a Case for Burquas

Okay, I would never agree with a man requiring his wife/sister/mother to wear a burqua. I understand its the way things go in some parts of the world, but luckily for me. Surburban Washington is not one of them (at least not in my house). However, I had an experience today that challenged my very beliefs about burquas.

Women are required to wear burquas so that men don't have to worry about not objectifying them and turning them into sexual objects. So, the argument is that because men are so unable to control their sexual selves, women must take on the burden of saving them from their own immorality by covering up. Heaven forbid a man have enough self control to not oggle a woman or think inappropriate thoughts (or speak inappropriately) to a woman because he happens to see a slip of wrist, or a the line of a neck.

Well, today, while walking across campus, I passed through a group of young gentlement. Now, I've heard some of these youngsters speak in their classes/student clubs so I know they are capable of intelligent speech and manners. For some reason, as I walked by in my high-waisted pencil skirt and fitted blouse, several of them completely lost all good sense and reduced their language to "Damn!", "Lookadere!", Whoo!" and smacky, kissy noises.

Instantly self-conscience of the way my backside was being so blatantly pointed out, I willed myself into invisibility (which y'all know didn't happen). Then, for some reason, I thought, "That's why husbands make their wives wear burquas in public". Because there are a small group of imbeciles who really cannot control themselves (or at least pretend to be this way in front of their friends).

I know my arse is larger than average. It's in my genetics. It's toned and muscular and as fit as I can make it, but it will never be normal size. I also know, that my small waist only brings attention to the size of my hiney. I have struggled with accepting this about myself for the last 20 years or so. But, I am certain that my bum is not the biggest bum they've ever seen.

Of course I wanted to turn around, memorize their faces, then tell their sociology teachers to give them F's at the end of the quarter. But, turning around might be mistaken for acceptance of this behavior - and that is certainly not the message I want to send.

Somewhere, these guys have encounted a girl who responded positively to this sort of behavior. Otherwise, why would they even think that was acceptable. I guess the bigger question is, what kind of woman or girl would be flattered by such disgusting, offensive verbal behavior? Is her self-esteem so damaged that she is happy for any attention she gets, even if its negative attention? Is this the culture that perpetuates the striving "video ho" subculture?

I'm disappointed that these young students would behave this way to a professional. They know I am faculty because they've seen me act in that capacity. For those that haven't seen me in a professional light previously, they certainly saw the purple faculty badge I had snapped on my shirt.

Well, maybe not...because they probably didn't even pay attention to me from the front. Wearing a burqua is not an option. But I shouldn't have to adjust my behavior so any man I encounter in public doesn't have to worry about his behavior. Fuck a burqua. These idiots need to learn once and for all to respect women and girls. If they don't know this by college, when will they learn? Shit, now I feel like I should have turned around and started a converation about respect and proper treatment of women. If they can't learn it at home - do I have to teach them?


DaVida Chanel said...

Hey, I REALLY like this one too - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE submit an article to ESSENCE! And yes, I'm going to KEEP commenting on it!!! LOL!
I'm sorry you ran into those fools today. Silly boys - ARGH!!!!!!

Karla said...

I think I will. I even went as far as looking up the submission info. But that was weeks ago...

Ah, the dark cloud of denial fear is lingering over my head.

DaVida Chanel said...

No fear friend! NO FEAR! We don't operate in fear ... that's W's strategy and look where that got him! You will be fine!!!!!!!!!


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