Monday, December 15, 2008

Can you help me, please?

Okay, I have always been extremely terrible at naming things. I can be stumped for hours at a time simply creating a username. My Barbies all kept whatever name was printed on the box. I have named two dogs. The last one, I started thinking of names in the early 90s so I would be ready with a good name if/when I ever finally got a dog. It took me two weeks to name this blog.

So, with that said, I need your help picking out a name. No, not a name for baby. We have a list of those (another example of me starting years in advance). My fantastic, amazing, super great friend is throwing me an online shower - complete with pre- and post-baby blog, photos, games, etc. She called me two weeks ago and asked me to pick out a name for the URL. Two weeks ago. And today, I got nothing.

Any ideas?


kenge said...

Good friend. I was thinking the other day how we were going to make that happen. I had planned to hassle the girls to join me on a shopping trip and then off the USPS we would go to ship it all.

First Fuller's Fantastic Fete!!!

Anthony and Karla's Baby Bash!

Ok i'm out of ideas for now. Its late and little sister wanted to play. I'll think of some more.

Karla said...

Thansk, Kenge. I like those! Kiss Little Miss for me.

Nilsa said...

Don't feel so bad cuz I got nothing. My suggestion ... Google "mommy blog" and see what names pop up. Might help you brainstorm something for yourself.

DaVida Chanel said...

Hmmm how about ...

* Welcome to the World Baby K
* Baby Fuller Blog
* Anticipating Me

Okay I'll stop because my creative juices are not flowing! I'll think about it. Also check my blog ... YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED ;)


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