Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas at the Condo

Well, we finally made our way to the Christmas tree lot, where I subjected my husband to unraveling, propping up, fluffing, then discarding about six trees before I found one that was the right size.

Hubby doesn't believe in measuring trees before he buys them. Because of this, we had to move our dining room table partly into the kitchen, then give up use of the entire sliding patio doors last Christmas. He bought a 9'x4' tree to fit in a 7'x3' space. Therefore, my plans for a festive foyer had to be diverted to an unusable dining room, patio entry/exit.

Anyhoo - I put myself on the tree-finding committee this year and we made out okay. The tree is still about a foot wider than I wanted, but at least it fits in the space.

I still don't understand why he insists on having a Christmas tree - and a live one at that. We are always in Oklahoma for Christmas so the tree sits twinkling alone on the days surrounding Christmas. Now that we're living in Washington and the front, side and rear of our condo are surrounded by pine and furs, I suggested that we just decorate one of those trees already naturally outside. We can enjoy them through one of three picture windows. No dice.

So, here's the before and after of our 2008 Christmas tree. Thought I'd post it to add a little joy to your season. *cue holiday music in the backgroun*



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