Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Lots of my blog friends have been mentioning Christmas traditions lately, so I think I'll join in on the fun. I'd love to hear from y'all too about your favorite (or most hated) Christmas traditions.

My mom's family hangs out all of Christmas day. There's a big dinner, lots of desserts and presents passed around from the name draw. Then, we get down to business - family games! We have the best rounds of Scattegories, Charades, MadGabs, and any other manner of group interactive games going. It lasts into the night.

My dad's family bumbles awkwardly about in a rented hall for one hour (count it, one hour) of catered dinner on Christmas Eve. Everyone sits in their "cliques" and we fake hug and yell Merry Christmas on our way out the door almost as soon as we came in. It's so insincere, but its a ritual. My flight gets in very late this year so I'll have to miss out this time (darn!).

My most favorite Christmas tradition, though, is waking up very early on Christmas morning at my mom's cinnamon and peppermint smelling house in my new "Christmas pajamas" and sneaking across the hall to crawl in her warm bed until its really time to wake up. Now that I'm married, I have to sneak back to my room to be there when hubby wakes up, but its so worth it for those few quiet moments with my mom.



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