Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot Girl Spotted on a Beach Holiday

The last time Anthony, Figaro and I went to the beach, Anthony captured some great pictures of me and Figaro playing together in the surf. Unfortunately, he took them with my shitty digicam, so they look all tabloidy. Now, if I was as famous to the world as I am to myself (hahaha!), I would imagine this picture taken by some papparazzo hidden behind the fresh coconut stand. The title would read:

"Former Hot Girl Not Looking So Hot"

The article would not mention how cute my dog is, or how sporty I looked in my swimsuit (that is PERFECT for beach volleyball), but only how fat my thighs look. This may win the award for most unflattering picture I have ever taken. LOL! It's a bad angle, I swear!


CHOPS said...

Yo! That HAS to be G-town with that dirty ass water. I'll be on leave Jan 1. Got 2 weeks in Tejas b4 I have to head back to the Suck. What's the plan?

DaVida Chanel said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!! Your pic looks all Beyonce a couple years ago when the paps got her on vaca. LOL! I think you look FABO!! BUT it is Mr. Fig that takes the entire attention of the pic. LOL!

K-Boogie said...

Oy, Chops! I'm leaving on Friday - FOR GOOD! Call me, tho.

josey said...

DaVida's DO look all Beyonce in that pic and Figs is definitely stealing some of your thunder. But I agree with her, you look absolutely fan-freaking-tastic!


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