Sunday, December 30, 2007

Travel Day - Take 2

Okay, so yesterday was a debacle.

I arrived 2 and 15 minutes early for my 7am flight only to be told that we (Figaro and I) could not fly on that flight because a)it was only 28 degrees and b)the plane was too small to accept Figaro in the cargo hold. GRRRRRR!

So, instead of leaping across the counter and strangling the ticket agent (who was growing increasingly bored with helping me in any way), I kept my cool and informed her I had nothing else planned that day but travel, therefore I could stand at that counter all day and wait for her to fix the problem.

Well, she got the point and hustled me a reservation on a different airline for today with a bigger plane. I've confirmed the reservation twice already - so hopefully, today will be drama free.

This is probably why Figaro hates to fly.



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