Thursday, December 20, 2007

Please give a round of applause to our guest blogger, FIGARO

So, tomorrow marks the beginning of yet another cross-country journey for Figaro and I. He asked if he could blog about it so you guys could get his perspective. I thought that would be pretty cool. So, here goes...

Yesterday, and old man and a woman with smoker's breath came and put all my mom and dad's stuff in some boxes. I had to watch from my crate, but the old man talked to me the whole time. I don't know why he thought my name was "Buddy". He was nice. I liked him. I was being a "good boy" so my mom kept slipping treats through the bars. Yay! I like when she does that.

Today, three guys came and took all the boxes outside. I didn't like them taking that stuff. I started to tell them about it, but my mom said "It's okay" to me so I laid down and just watched. I hope all those things aren't sitting outside. My mom doesn't like when people don't take care of her stuff. None of these guys said anything to me, so I kept my eye on them. People usually always tell me "Hi" and "What a pretty boy" but these guys - nothing! I could see the big one's butt when he bent over. Gross! One guy was standing too close to my mom, so I told him to back off a bit. He didn't listen and she told me to "Shush!" Wait til I tell dad!

Mom says we're "Going to Washington". I don't know what a "Washington" is, but I know all about "Going" and that makes my tail wag. I like "Going". We're "Going" tomorrow and mom packed my bags and put them right by the door. Maybe we're "Going" to get all the stuff those guys took today.

Time for dinner. I can hear my mom putting food out. Sometimes she makes me give her a kiss before I can eat. I think that's for puppies, but don't tell her I said that. - Figs


K-Boogie said...

I love that picture! That's a "last look" if I ever saw one!

Josey said...

Figaro is so eloquent! Not to mention gorgeous. That photo of him is adorable. That totally deserves to be in a frame and on your desk. Safe travels to your new home. I'm looking forward to visiting someday soon!!

K-Boogie said...

Oh...pre-dinner kisses are for puppies, eh? Consider it my payment for food and shelter!

Thanks, Jos!


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