Monday, December 31, 2007

Finally home!

Hey, folks! We finally made it yesterday. Flying is horrible. This time was better than the last time because the handlers where very nice to me. I made a pitiful face in the baggage hold and someone gave me a piece of a sandwich. *sly grin*

Both flights were very bumpy and I was tossed all over the place. But, it was worth it to see my mom and dad waiting for me when I got off the plane. Our new place is very big. There isn't any furniture, so its fun to play around. There are lots of ducks for me to chase at the lake and plenty of trees to spray. I think I will like it here. Here are some pictures mom took of me checking things out and the view from our new balcony.

1 Comment:

Josey said...

The new digs look awesome Figaro! I am super excited to come and visit, hopefully one day soon. Give your momma and daddy lots of kisses for me. Glad that you (and your parents) made it safe and sound. Oh, and nice move slamming the door on your dad's head. You're right....he's got no business being in your room. LOL!


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