Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So random...

So, I had a very vivid dream last night. Hubby, Figs and I moved from Texas to Philly because I got selected as some sort of young, sexy people goodwill delegation that was going to Iran to show the Middle East that Americans were progressive and hip and not nearly the oppressors we have been made out to be overseas. There was a media campaign complete with commercials showcasing the different delegations of young sexy people from different areas of the country. Guess who was in the Midwest contingent? My dear Aryan friend, Josey. Anyhoo, I called her up all giggles and squeals b/c we were about to go to Iran and imagine the fun we were going to have (nevermind the hijabs). So, hubby and I were getting settled in to our new brownstone and decided to camp in the backyard in a tent we rented from REI (do they have REIs in Philly?). Some people came by and parked in the alley behind our backyard, but their music was too loud and hubby went to tell our neighbor Shaq (yes, as in O'Neal) to tell his peeps to keep it down. Then, I called my mom to let her know she should change her flight (which was the next day) from Texas to Philly, cuz we didn't live in Texas anymore. But, she and I were both happy because at least she wouldn't have to deal with the turbulence flying into Sea-Tac (which is in Washington, I know, but it was a dream - OKAY?)

So, random.

Rest in peace Heath Ledger.


Josey said...

Nice to know you think of me even in your dreams. :) LOL! As for the middle east...if we could make West Lafayette fun, then we'd rock it overseas. On a different note, I think I'll have to watch "10 Things I Hate About You" this weekend in honor of my favorite Aussie hottie. His death is so tragic. Hopefully now he can finally get some much needed peace.

K-Boogie said...

Yes, we will watch Brokeback Mountain since, suprise surprise, hubby has never seen it.


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