Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Big List for 2008

Y'all know I don't do resolutions. D and I normally do mottos for the year, but I can't think of one, because - finally - I'm exactly where I want to be. Hallelujah!
But, there are some things I want to do, seeing that I'm living in a new place and all. They are as follows:

1. Take Figaro to the Marymoor Dog Park
2. Go on a REAL vacation with DH (we've been too busy!)
3. Get preggers! (the Hot Girls want to be Aunties)
4. Put aside at least 2 days for in-studio yoga (my task for the next few months is to find a studio I like).
5. Get back on the tango scene.
6. Find a new hobby to share with DH
7. Go to a museum.
8. Get a 1-hr massage (sure, its a luxury. But now its an official priority!)
9. Send for my lil.
10. Host a dinner party (as soon as I make some friends)
11. Update my wardrobe (this DOES NOT include high water pants)
12. Drop Cingular and go crawling back to my ex, T-Mobile.
13. Do a one-arm pushup.

Feel free to post your Big List as well.


Kanesha said...

1. find a good boyfriend
2. get some CBSS stuff (hint hint)
3. make honor roll so I can come to Washington for the summer

Kanesha said...

where r the confessions? i want to read some confessions from a former hot girl! - future hot girl

DaVida said...

D's motto for 2008:
This is the good life - just REALIZE and RECOGNIZE what is around you ;)

K-Boogie said...

Good one, D. That is so in line with your recent enlightenment.

Kanesha...okay! Confessions coming soon.

Josey said...

1. drop that last stubborn 10 pounds but not be devastated if it doesn't happen
2. travel to see my hot girls in their natural environments (this means vacays...yeah!)
3. prioritize "me time" at least once a week
4. get engaged to the great guy in my life
5. keep working on my PMA (positive mental attitude). It should help get me thru any tough times in the year ahead.


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