Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"What feels like the end of something good may actually be the start of something better."

That quote is from this morning's meditation. I think it is such a testimony to my life. Just as I get settled in some place, it's time to move to the next. I am so quick to mourn the separation from friends and my social life - even though, I know that a move is a perfect way to meet new friends and take on new activities.

Speaking of new activities, I finally made it to a yoga class last night. I think the Eastside has the most yoga studios per capita. It seems there's one on every block (right across from Starbuck's and next door to Tully's, cuz those are on every block, too). And its so much more reasonably priced than in Tejas. My Austin studio was costing my $100 every 8 classes. Here I can get an unlimited monthly class for the same price! I envision going back to my 4 days of yoga as I did this summer. So, look out winter fat!

Last night's class was Power Vinyasa in a heated room. My hubby was sweet (and curious) enough to come with and he did a great job. It was a bit much for him, but he hung in there and did what he could. The instructor was great, gently encouraging him to rest in child's pose as often as necessary without making him feel like a big baby (which is an issue with some instructors). I liked the class and since I was able to get a one week unlimited pass for $20 (CHEAP!), I plan to be there very often in the next few days and try out some of the other instructors.

In other news, I had yet another dream about moving last night. What does that mean? This time, we moved to New Orleans and my cousin was with us. So weird! According to my google search, dreams about moving indicate a conscious or subconscious desire for change in your life. I'll be thinking about that all day!


chops said...

That quote was right on time!

DaVida said...

Hmmmmmm, could your desire for change be linked to a desire for a bigger family???? Just a thought. Also what does a dream about killing and burning an evil cat mean? (Had that one a couple nights ago) Then last night it started off with getting my hair done and when she took the rollers out it was past my shoulders but by the end I was at a grocery store w/a former crackhead who had gotten swindled for her digital camera by and old crackhead friend. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!

K-Boogie said...

Prolly. My biological clock has been on snooze for like 2 years. LOL!

That is a bizarre set of dreams - evil cats, extreme hair growth and crackheads...


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