Friday, January 18, 2008

Wait...but we have cable!

My husband is so disconnected from popular culture and current events. It's like we don't have cable or internet or something. Somehow, if its not associated with The Wire or Muscle & Fitness magazine, he has no idea! Even though he spends about an hour surfing the net every evening. For instance, I was telling him how surprised I was that there are som many Harajuku girls at my college since I thought that was a bit played out here in the US (it certainly is in the South), and he was like, "A Hara-what?" He had no idea! I sang Gwen Stefani songs, I described an outfit or two, he was like, "I don't know what you're talking about. I musta missed that one". Yeah, I'd say. Then, this evening, I was watching Nancy Grace's stand in tell me about some atm footage of the Marine that allegedly murdered his pregnant rape victim. Certainly, this case has been in the news since last week. Yet, still, he was like, "Wait, now what happened?"

Oy vey!

What does he contribute to the discussions at the water cooler? Sheesh! I can't imagine being so far removed from the society I'm living in. I mean, I'd cut him some slack if he was from, say, West Lafayette, Indiana. But, he spent the last year and a half in Austin and the 3 years before that in New York City of all places! How can you live in New York City, work in the Manhattan fashion district, and not know what Harajuku style is. I know for sure he's been in some Hello Kitty stores lately (no thanks to me) and they are filled with Harajuku stuff.

Whatever. Just needed to get that off my chest.


K-Boogie said...

So, I'm blogging and listen to an old Screw tape. And Mr. I Just Moved From Texas asked me "What in the world was I listening to?!" I could barely get the original blog posted before he went and backed up my story unbeknownst to himself.

CheekyChica said...


K-Boogie said...

It's a Gulf Coast wouldn't understand.


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